Coffee is Simple

We source seasonal specialty coffee from direct trade partners. This means that our coffee offerings will change throughout the year. More often than not, throughout the day.


We purchase our coffees from roasters we know and who share our own ethos of passing as much of the value as is possible to the farmers. We also purchase direct from farmers and direct trade importers. Ultimately, we want everyone to enjoy the most amazing coffee possible. It's that simple.


We won't sell a coffee that is older than six weeks from roasting. And any whole beans you purchase from us will also be less than six weeks from roast date. We'll advise you to use it within this timeframe too. Not because it will spoil but because there'll just be so much more to enjoy if you do. 

We roast really small batches of coffee. Typically between 50 grams and 1 Kilo. This allows us the flexibility to play and develop some spectacular and very unique roast profiles. 


We will often supply 250gm bags of coffee from fabulous roasters. But if you wanted to try a smaller amount of our own we will sell anything from 50gm to 250gm