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Cup profile: Rich dark chocolate, gooey caramel & hints of citrus


  • Owner/Farm - Acatenango Cooperative

  • Location - Acatenango, Guatemala

  • Varietal - Mixed Bourbon, Typica, Caturra & Catuai

  • Process - Swiss Water

  • Altitude - 1350 masl

  • Harvest Period - 2021

  • Cup Score - 86


Guatemala has been leading the way in Central America, with an emphasis on producing high quality washed coffee, experimenting with fermentation and highlighting the terroir.


Using a similar ‘altitude grading’ system employed in other Central American countries, coffee is classified as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) – grown upwards of 1300 masl – Hard Bean (HB) and Semi Hard Bean coffees, all of which represent good quality, comparative to other nations.


As a country, Guatemala has been relatively successful in marketing its coffees to the rest of the world, clearly defining regions and emphasizing distinct characteristics between growing areas and farms. Most of Guatemala’s coffee farms can be found on the coastal slopes in the central and southern regions of the country, where altitudes range from 750 – 1800 masl.


Coffee is harvested between November and February, depending on the elevation. Over half of Guatemala’s 3.4 million bag yearly coffee production is then sold to the US market, generating approximately one third of its foreign exchange.


Recommended for: perfect for ESPRESSO & filter brewing methods, with or without milk.


Hand roasted in tiny batches from various origins. Single origin speciality coffee with amazing flavours.


Whilst we recommend you purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself as you use it. We can also offer ground coffee for specific brewing methods. Please select the origin of your coffee and brewing method or whole bean preference.


If you cannot see the grind type for the origin you want. Just order whole bean and leave us a note in the personalisation option. We do this because we have very limited stock of some origins.


Coffee will be roasted on Mondays to order. Your roasted coffee will be posted by Royal Mail after a period of degassing. Or you can collect direct from our nano roastery in Leominster or either of the Aberdyfi Ice Cream shops in Aberdyfi or Aberystwyth.


We will notify you when your coffee has been shipped or is ready for collection. 

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