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Cup Profile:

Cherry & Dark Chocolate


  • Farm - Kisinga 
  • Location - Kasese, Uganda
  • Varietal - SL14 / SL28
  • Process - Natural
  • Altitude - 1,400 – 1,800 MASL
  • Cup Score - 88


We chase exceptional harvests across the globe and often have the opportunity to experience some amazing coffee. Farmers pushing the boundaries of their traditional processing methods to eek ever more subtle flavours out of these tiny seeds.


This Rwenzori natural is our community- sourced natural-processed arabica coffee, coordinated by the Kisinga Coffee Station staff. This coffee goes back to humble beginnings where DRUGAR was that could be sourced in any abundance from Farmers. More than 1000 passionate farmers contribute to this regular seasonal harvest.


Typical farmers' plot sizes will range from one to three acres and are located across the hillsides of the luscious Rwenzori mountains. This coffee is regularly the primary income for many of the families of the Rwenzoris.


The Natural process has always been the commonly practiced method for producing coffee in the Rwenzoris. A recurring sight as you travel through the mountains is seeing farmers drying their harvests on tarpaulins out the front of their homes. Once processed the coffee is then sourced by Agri Evolve and sorted into appropriate lots organised by location and date.


Despite encouragement to sell coffee as cherries, there is still a demand driven by farmers to produce traditional natural processed coffee as it is deep- rooted in the history of the Rwenzori people. Over many generations, they have developed and refined the optimum method of treating their coffee creating unique flavours from the Mountains of the moon.


Hand roasted in tiny batches from various origins. Single origin speciality coffee with amazing flavours. 


This medium roasted coffee should be brewed at varying temperatures from 85C - 90C in order to coax additional flavour notes. Grind size and brewing method as with every coffee will provide even more variance in taste. 


Whilst we recommend you purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself as you use it. We can also offer ground coffee for specific brewing methods. Please select the origin of your coffee and brewing method or whole bean preference.


Coffee will be roasted on Mondays to order. Your roasted coffee will be posted by Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for post after a period of degassing. 


We will notify you when your coffee has been shipped.

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