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Liza (Anaerobic Fermentation)

Liza (Anaerobic Fermentation)


Cup profile: Orange, Toffee & Light Florals


  • Owner/Washing Station - Jean Paul, LIZA

  • Location - Kivu

  • Varietal - Bourbon

  • Process - Anaerobic Fermentation

  • Altitude - 1600 - 2000 masl

  • Cup Score - 87.25


Liza washing station is a larger co-operative of 500 members, the majority of which are small holder farmers, who deliver coffee cherries daily during harvesting season to be processed using the traditional Rwandan washed method.


The coffee is pulped and sealed in bags so no oxygen can get in, then fermented for 48 hours, which breaks down any fruit flesh still clinging to the beans. After this the beans are washed and left to dry in the shade for 24 hours, during which time it is sorted through again multiple times to make sure all defects have been removed.


The Liza washing station is owned by a man named Jean Paul, who also owns a plantation of several thousand coffee trees. He works in tandem with the hundreds of local farmers that harvest and deliver to his station and has his own cupping lab at home, which he uses for quality control measures, assuring that his coffee continues to produce high scores across the board.


Recommended for: perfect for FILTER brewing methods, with or without milk.


Hand roasted in tiny batches from various origins. Single origin speciality coffee with amazing flavours. The processing method for this particular origin lends itself to experimentation in both roasting AND brewing techniques. 


Whilst we recommend you purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself as you use it. We can also offer ground coffee for specific brewing methods. Please select the origin of your coffee and brewing method or whole bean preference.


If you cannot see the grind type for the origin you want. Just order whole bean and leave us a note in the personalisation option. We do this because we have very limited stock of some origins.


Coffee will be roasted to order. Your roasted coffee can be collected from our Leominster shop or posted with Royal Mail after a period of degassing.


We will notify you when your coffee has been shipped or is ready for collection. 

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